What IB Students Need to Know

Preparing for College

Grade 9

  • Take a strong schedule
  • Grades count – get help when you need it
  • Begin to get involved (clubs and service)
  • Begin to look at colleges – what is it you want in a college (see Mrs. Murphy)
  • Discover who you are – athlete, scholar, volunteer, artist

Grade 10

  • Take the PSAT for practice
  • Continue with a strong schedule
  • Begin to look at the college application process (See Mrs. Murphy)
  • Continue your involvement – build leadership
  • Begin to make a name for yourself – enter contests
  • Volunteer
  • Plan a summer activity

Grade 11

  • Take the PSAT for National Merit consideration
  • Complete IB requirements for EE/IAs and CAS
  • Take IB exams in May (no more than two)
  • Take the SAT and or ACT, not in May
  • Investigate what your college choices require (tests, recommendations, essays)
  • Prepare for Early Action/Early Decision
  • Investigate the Common Application – www.commonapp.org
  • Attend the college fair(s)
  • Continue to build your resume
  • Write college resume/college essay (See Mrs. Murphy)
  • Begin scholarship search
  • Plan college visits over the summer
  • Look at summer opportunities

Grade 12

  • Retake SAT/ACT if needed
  • Take subject area tests if required (see Mrs. Murphy for suggestions)
  • Complete IB requirements for EE/IAs and CAS
  • Take IB exams
  • Make a list of colleges, requirements, deadlines (see Mrs. Murphy)
  • Request teacher recommendations/give them your resume (two teachers plus one other)
  • Finalize college list
  • If using the Common App – “invite” teachers early
  • Complete applications in a timely manner – everyone needs time
  • Have Mrs. Murphy review application, essay(s), resume
  • Schedule a practice interview
  • Continue to visit schools
  • Continue to check out scholarships
  • File FASA and/or PROFILE
  • Compare financial aid packages
  • Pick your school and notify others that you will not be attending

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