Ways to Help

Staples Rewards Account

The Falcon Family IB Boosters is happy to announce that we now have a Staples Rewards account!  If you are purchasing items at Staples and don’t need the rewards for yourself or your company, just have them put the purchases under IB Booster account # 278 261 4412. If you don’t have the number handy, you can provide Mrs. Murphy’s phone number or give the PMHS IB Boosters name for the associate to look up the account.   Every time a customer shops and uses the IB Boosters Staples Rewards account, we will collect Staples Rewards and be able to purchase items needed for teachers and classrooms at little or no cost!  What a great way to help out!STAPLES REWARD CARD


BBVA Compass for a Cause

BBVA Compass

Hassle-free fundraising for your members

No checks to write. No direct mail. No telemarketing. In other words, no hassles. The Compass For Your Cause Program allows your members to support your organization, by doing something many of them do virtually every day—use their check card for everyday purchases. And it’s easy for them to get started. They simply:

  • Open a BBVA Compass Checking Account
  • Open a Compass Visa® Check Card
  • Sign for purchases using the Check Card

That’s all there is to it. When they open an account, your organization earns a royalty of $50. Every time members use their Check Card for qualifying purchases, your organization earns additional royalties. So start earning money the easy way with the Compass For Your Cause program!


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